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Texter Bundle for CodeIgniter

This may or may not prove to be useful to some of you guys. If you use Texter, then this is a bundle I create for CodeIgniter. Nothing really flashy, but if your IDE/editor of choice doesn't do a lot of code completion and auto formatting and such, this will speed up several things for sure. Just download the file, go to Texter and import it the bundle from the Bundles menu.

Most libraries are accessible via their name once loaded. The only exceptions to this would be 'form_validation' being shortened to 'validation' and 'image_lib' being shortened to 'image'.

image + Tab -> $this->image_lib->|
validation + Tab -> $this->form_validation->|
view + Tab -> $this->load->view('|');
library + Tab -> $this->load->library('|');
mod + Tab -> $this->load->model('|');

You can also create controllers and models quickly using this bundle. In your new model or controller file, simply type the desired name of the model or controller, followed by the keyword 'model' or 'controller' then a Tab to create the structure.

Example: 'Home controller' + Tab, expands to

if ( ! defined('BASEPATH') )
    exit( 'No direct script access allowed' );

class Home extends Controller
    function _construct()

    function index()


I also threw in a quick one for creating a for loop.

Example: forloop + Tab, expands to
for ($i=0; $i < |; $i++)


As I said, you may or may not like or want this. I was bored at the time and it gave me something to do and I thought I would share.

Download link here.

I've created a Texter bundle for many of the CodeIgniter functions. You can find my ongoing development of this bundle in my github here:


Any comments, questions or suggestions are welcome.

Jason Huebel

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