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"Waiting for *server*..." forever.


Every so often, I upload a new file to my server and it seems to cause the whole system to break. On my localhost, I can still access my site, but on my server it just says "Waiting for *url*..." indefinitely. It doesn't time out, or show anything.

I can fix this by re-uploading the entire /system/ directory to the server, then it works just fine. Is this a problem with my server (it's Dreamhost), the way I'm uploading/editing files (Coda) or CodeIgniter?

I'm new to CodeIgniter and OOP, but not to PHP, and configuring servers makes me want to scream, so treat me like a moron if it comes to that please!



It may be difficult for me to try out any suggestions until it next happens - which could be in 10 mins, or tomorrow, or longer.

I've had a look at the Apache logs, and it looks like a 404 error looking for /internal_error.html occurs every time this problem happens. There's also the occasional "Premature end of script headers: php5.cgi"

Next time it occurs, I'll check out the CI logs, but these have been emptied since I re-uploaded /system/

It's happened again. I've checked the CI logs, and nothing shows up. I've got maximum logging, but it's not showing anything more interesting than Initialisation of classes and Sanitisation of POST and COOKIE data.

I'm going to try uploading one file at a time to try and nail down one file as the culprit.

Well, that failed dismally. I uploaded stuff folder-by-folder and it didn't change a thing. I've got some 503 Service Unavailable errors poking up their ugly heads every so often too now. I'm now uploading and "Merge"-ing all folders, while "Replace"-ing all files. ie. not deleting all files from the server before replacing them... That doesn't work either.

I'm deleting each sub-folder of /system/ one by one and re-uploading it. That doesn't work either. Trying just deleting the whole /system/ folder and re-uploading it. This works.

Neither /system/plugins or /system/scaffolding is to blame - it works before they're re-uploaded.

This sounds like an issue with your server.

I was hoping someone *wouldn't* say that Smile

Ah well, I'll drop an email to support and post back if they can fix it. Strange that it only happens with CodeIgniter though.


What makes me come to that conclusion is this:
Quote:I’ve had a look at the Apache logs, and it looks like a 404 error looking for /internal_error.html occurs every time this problem happens. There’s also the occasional “Premature end of script headers: php5.cgi”

Out of curiosity, have you tried removing the htaccess file and testing from there?
Its the only thing I know of in CI that will cause Internal Server Errors.

If it still does it after removing the htaccess file, then I can almost guarantee its a problem with your server.

I was using htaccess, but stopped when it started causing errors with the Router.php file. At the moment my htaccess file is still in place, but all the commands are commented out. I don't think this can be the problem, because it doesn't get re-uploaded when I replace the /system directory.

I'll try actually completely deleting it and see if that fixes it though.



I'm having the EXACT same problem with CI and dreamhost...I've talked with support half a dozen times about it. They're not sure what is going on. Best I can tell, php5.cgi process is getting hung and consuming ~11Megs of memory, then DH is blocking the site because of the memory consumption. After 30 minutes or so, that process will time out and the site will resume working.

The only "quick fix" when the site goes down is to: killall php5.cgi

I've beat my head against the wall trying to keep this from happening. Please let me know if you figure it out.

Off-topic: They should call it "Nightmarehost"

ONE post I read said he was able to prevent the problem by turning on DB Caching in CI, but that won't work for me because of my application's data constantly changing. Maybe it will be useful for you?

I *hope* my application will have constantly changing data! And it'll be being used by impatient young school children, so I doubt I would be very popular if it took any time for something to show up. On the other hand, there is significatly moderation, so it may be possible. I'll give it a try once my app is more finished.

@simsshaun: Maybe they should, but I'm sticking with it for now. I like the greenness/masses of space/masses of bandwidth/unlimited everything Smile However, I may need a private server for this app, which would be... better. I hope.


Got an email back from DH saying that it's because I'm going over my memory limit. They recommend Private Server. Great... Actually, it's not so bad! only an extra $1/month for 10MB memory. But I'd probably end up with maybe $2/month extra... $24/year = £15. I might just go for it...

Does anyone know how to save me $24/year and reduce the amount of memory CI uses?


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