Modifying a Helper

So does CodeIgniter know when I've created my own helper in the Application/helpers folder - and treat that as default?

For example... the default url_helper.php in system/helpers (CI's core) has the url_title() function.

I want to modify that and create my own.

So would I create url_helper.php inside application/helpers - and then create a new function called url_title - then modify it to what I need?

It looks like - based on this line of code in the core url_helper.php - that is the case:
if ( ! function_exists('url_title')){...}

But I just want to be sure Smile

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you're on the right track, see the section labelled "extending" helpers for full details.

Yah I broke my app tinkin around with it all..and then read up on that article..

I have it named MY_url_helper.php

I'm trying to strip the spaces out instead of giving it a dash or underscore. (lowercase == true)

So if I put in "XYZ Corp" - that function will convert it to "xyzcorp"

so I just added this bit of code between the default if/else statement:

function url_title($str, $separator = 'dash', $lowercase = FALSE)
        if ($separator == 'dash')
            $search        = '_';
            $replace    = '-';
        else if($separator == 'strip')
            $search     = ' ';
            $replace    = '';
            $search        = '-';
            $replace    = '_';

The inflector helper has a humanize() function that strips out the spaces.

Could you do something like:

$stringToAlter = "Here_Is_My_string";

$newString = strtolower(humanize($stringToAlter));

It looks like it replaces underscores with spaces...

$word = "my_dog_spot";
echo humanize($word); // Returns "My Dog Spot"

I need to remove the spaces to it returns MyDogSpot (and then I'll use the strtolower function to make it mydogspot)

$clientdir = url_title($this->input->post('clientname'), 'underscore', TRUE);
$clientdir = str_replace('_', '', $clientdir);

This returns the desired effect. Not sure if there is a better way.

Sorry, I posted the wrong function. I meant the camelize() function. The camelize() function strips out the spaces. You could combine it with the strtolower() PHP function to get the results you want.

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