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Who will help develop a forum?

[eluser]James Spibey[/eluser]
Nice work! Are you planning on posting the code on the wiki or something at some point?

[eluser]Phil Sturgeon[/eluser]
MrEnirO any myself plan to tidy this up a little bit and see what happens in the future. I might post it out when its a bit less hardcoded and more options have been added in. I've been in the position of releasing systems during development and it just causes headaches with people upgrading constantly. Will keep ya'll posted!

[eluser]Christopher Blankenship[/eluser]
This message is more inteneded toward our new programmers, as I am aware most of our senior programmers and such know this already.

My suggestion is for anyone interested in teamwork projects such as the one here, utilize the tools such as SVN or CVS for version control. It helps coordinate efforts and maintain code.

[eluser]Phil Sturgeon[/eluser]
Indeedy, I keep meaning to teach myself how to use SVN sometime, but never get round to it. Our version controll at the moment is just "dude, you edited that file recently?" or "crap man, I just deleted your changes. You still got em right?" Its good fun!

[eluser]Christopher Blankenship[/eluser]
I myself prefer CVS but am currently converting all the projects for work over to SVN. Mainly for the web browser websvn interface with the blame feature so we know who to blame the bad line of code on. lol.

make it open source, google code and sourceforge will give you free svn Wink

Also... here's a hint for bbcode, learn from the guys who have been working with it for years


Is this still open?
I am going to start on a very simple forum system some time in the next few days...
Something like "beast" that is only 500 lines of code and uses FreakAuth or ReduxAuth so that user management doesn't need to be re-done.

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