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FreakAuth light 1.1 released

do you run your freakauth project on php 5.3? as you can see return value of new by reference is deprecated...

Yes i do
How can i fix this?

try to change this line
$obj->freakauth_light = & new MyFAL();

$obj->freakauth_light = new MyFAL();

there are other lines that have this sintax by reference, i think you have to fix all...

let me know!


jep that did the job. Thank you.

Another small question wich i couldnt find the answer.

If i want users to change the userprofile where/how can i let them do it?


for userprofile try to see here:


however you can develop your simply controller to change the table fa_user_profile.. it's very simple!


oke ty i will look into that

I get this error
when i try to submit my profile edit

Fatal error: Call to undefined method Auth::get_form_values() in X:\Websites\Cvideo\system\application\libraries\FAL_front.php on line 577

I know this question was answered before but i could not understand what to edit to make it work

Hi, there

I try to use the mail activation registration. Already got the CI Email correctly specified for gmail, using ssl, and etc, but still the email activation not working. And I bumped into a screencast in NetTuts about sending email using CI, and they use this line for their email sending function between their other function.


In the screencast, it's said to be necessary to use this line if using smtp protocol to send your email, but don't know why (and would like to know why, as they stated in the screencast).

So, I try to find your sendEmail function, and found the _sendEmail function as the main mail sending function.

I try to add


below this line ...


And try again the email activation, and it's working...

Perhaps you should add it to your fix.

Hi Sad

I'm having a bit of a problem with FAL... I have a site, and am using FAL for authentication. The problem is that the timeout seems to be invariably tied only to the config.php... Thusly, in the db, the last_activity is never updated beyond the initial page load after login. It is not possible then to update the session timeout based on user activity.

Maybe (likely) there is something simple or obvious that I'm missing, but from looking through the FAL library etc. the only reference to updating last_activity happens right after logging in...

Is there an easy way to update this? Would it be easier to just set timout to 0 and handle the session destruction via javascript?

[eluser]Marc Arbour[/eluser]

I'll risk myself at saying your server time is off... I have lenghtened my cookie duration because I couldn't change anything on the server side and I stopped having your problem.



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