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FreakAuth light 1.1 released

[quote author="danfreak" date="1185921773"]@Jamongkad

This is a CI problem. I'm aware about a Profiler problem in CI 1.5.3, not sure about CI 1.5.4.

Report it to the CI guys.


Ok will do

Hi again guys,

Last week i got some kind of revelation and everythings start to be clear, maybe just a question of experience and time Smile

Now i understand pretty much what is going on and HOW use FAL no matter if i'm a newbie or not Wink

Two little question :


I read the tutorial about profile, how do i deal with something like i have a field in the profile database, like SECRET_INTERN_SERIAL_NO, so the user will never see this field, but i have to rely this on the user profile.

So on the registration and edit profile or account i didn't need to show it to the basic user, is there a way to put this field hidden ? to prevent being edited on some transaction ? What you guy do to achieve this ?


Security : What is the overall process to prevent session hi-jacking, could you make me a little history about what FAL do for us about security. I'll be happy to learn from this.

Many thanks.

[quote author="danfreak" date="1185630368"]@pb30
yes it is possible to use the captcha in other stuff.

check out how we used it in FAL_front.php

$fields['security'] = $this->CI->lang->line('FAL_captcha_label');
$rules['security'] = $this->CI->config->item('FAL_user_captcha_field_validation');


$data['captcha'] = $this->CI->config->item('FAL_captcha_image');

in your view
<p><label for="security">&lt;?=$this->lang->line('FAL_captcha_label')?&gt;:</label>
    &lt;?=(isset($this->fal_validation) ? $this->fal_validation->{'security'.'_error'} : '')?&gt;
    &lt;?=$this->load->view($this->config->item('FAL_captcha_img_tag_view'), null, true)?&gt;</p>

the captcha template is in views/FreakAuth_light/content/forms/html_for_captcha.php[/quote]
I've managed to get the captcha to display but I cant figure out the validation. Any ideas?

I want to have a login nugget on every page but in the controller I need to do something like this,
function register()
    $data['fal'] = $this->fal_front->register();
so how can I 'enable' the login nugget by also setting,
$data['fal'] = $this->fal_front->login();

Hi guys, great work on FreakAuth, it is just what I was looking for.

I have a small issue which is probably something that I have overlooked but havent had any success after a few hours...

After setting up FreakAuth using the installation instructions, Iam not able to view any other page except 'home' and 'examples'. If I click on 'login', 'register', etc, the page will behave as if it is loading but it will just appear blank, nothing comes up.

Your help is greatly appreciated.


I have narrowed down the problem after many hours :lol:
the problem is that the server doesn't like the use of CAPTCHA's...

I was initially testing FreakAuth on a UNIX based setup of PHP/Apache and had the blank page problem as above, then tried it on a WAMP setup and it worked perfectly, so I compared the phpinfo() of both servers and the WAMP server had more GD stuff such as freetype etc (I was lead to find this from the image_lib problem that was mentioned in the other thread).

I turned off CAPTCHA's using the config file (freakauth_lite.php) and the pages now load on the UNIX server. I did try re-configuring and installing php using --with-ttf in the ./configure line but still blank pages appear when Im trying to use CAPTCHAs.

What can I do?

[eluser]Phil Norton[/eluser]
I want it so that, when a user logs out, they get redirected to the login page once more. So, for example:

* User tried to access www.mysite.com/admin
* Gets redirected to www.mysite.com/auth/login
* Logs in, makes changes, wants to log out
* Clicks on "log out", which links to www.mysite.com/auth/logout
* User is logged out, and redirected to www.mysite.com/auth/login in case they want to log in again

I'm maybe doing something wrong, but at the minute, when the user logs out, it redirects to www.mysite.com . I've set the freakauth_light.php config file as follows:

// The action to execute after successful ADMIN logout
$config['FAL_admin_logout_success_action'] = 'admin';

but the same happens. Anyone any ideas?


I really like the way you've automated extra profile fields. I have a suggestion/question. How come you made a separate table just for the extra fields? Why not just tell the user to create the extra fields on the user_profile and user_temp tables?

Also, I've added a required field to the registration form but get two errors:

Quote:A PHP Error was encountered

Severity: Notice

Message: Undefined property: psn

Filename: forms/register.php

Line Number: 47

The same for line 48. I've added entries to the language file, controllers/admin/users.php, and views\FreakAuth_light\content\forms\register.php files but where as do I need to edit?

Hi there,

trying to get it to work. I've installed everything. Everything runs fine, other than the admin section.

When i hit the admin section to go there i just a 404 error.......Any ideas? index.php/admin.html index.php/admin both don't work all other pages do.

Fixed it i already had a file name like one of the files from freak auth Smile


If auto login is a feature of FreakAuth, how does it store the user's details in cookies? If this isn't a feature do you have any plans to add this "Remember me" button?


Hey there,

+1 for freakauth.

One quick question though.....is it possible to change the user name into being their email address instead of them creating a user name?

Many thanks

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