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load variables in config file

[eluser]Aaron L.[/eluser]
Hi There,

I am trying to integrate a 3rd party API with CI and so far everything is going pretty well. There is one hang-up that I am running into however:

In order to run the API, I have to send it some configuration settings. The api is accessed from multiple controllers, and so I have decided to create a separate file in /config which contains these variables and then include it in these controllers.

Here is an example of what I have so far:

<?php  if (!defined('BASEPATH')) exit('No direct script access allowed');

    $config['ID'] = '256562';
    $config['keysDirectory'] ="/var/www/html/keys";


Here is a function within controller which uses (includes) the variables above:

function something()
   //load the config file

   $request['something'] = "test123";
   $reply = array();
   //send info including config array from config file to the api
   run_transaction( $config, $request, $reply );



The problem I am having is that it seems like the $config variables are not being passed along to my controller. Any ideas?


[eluser]Aaron L.[/eluser]
Is using PHP's require() function OK?

You're not quite using the config system in the correct way... Firstly, if your config file is indeed named api_config.php you'll need a line similar to:


Then to access values from any config file (the main one, or yours) you would use this syntax:


Be sure to read the user guide for more information.

[eluser]Aaron L.[/eluser]
Thanks for your help, Bulk. I will give it a shot this way.

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