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validation problem with multi-page form: radio buttons seem to inherit previous selection state

Hi I want to build a multi-page survey with CI. Let's say I want to show 32 questions and offer them on 4 sequential pages each time showing 8 multiple-choice questions (2 answers to choose from per question by selecting a radio button) per page. At the and of the page a submit button is used to go to the next page until the end (page count) is reached.

Like this: page1 -> page2 ->page3 -> page4

Validation is crucial as I want the user to answer to each question.

I update the page count as well as the offset (for fetching the question from a database). I do this in case $this->validation->run() is TRUE. Then I load the view again, passing the updated values and next batch of questions. In case the validation returns FALSE, meaning one or more questions haven't been answered, I show the page again and use $this->validation->set_radio() to set the selected state for the questions that have been answered.

The problem:
the multiple-choice selection from a previous page gets passed to the next page. Why is this or how can I reset this without losing the benefit of usability?

Solved by using $this->validation->set_radio() conditionally on the view

i am trying to do multi choice survey system. Each test has 20 questions..

i finished admin panel for this. i am using unlimited cat list, adding question under this cats and update - delete - new quest... i am planning ffront-end now.

how do you compare right and wrong answers when the form submitted.

Can you give me some code for this or some advice the solve this..

[eluser]Brad K Morse[/eluser]
@xorclstforyou - what qualifies as a wrong answer for your survey?

[quote author="bkmorse" date="1307739033"]@xorclstforyou - what qualifies as a wrong answer for your survey?[/quote]

i did something like this.

1. in table, i create two fields as called "scevap" and "dcevap".
2. added choices to scevap field like this "a|b|c|d|e". than separate them this "|" char by explode.
3. put the true and wrong answers separate flat array.
4. compare two arrays. than get true and wrong answers as i want..

Soon i will add my website the survey system. Now i added questions at local.

my website is http://www.ilketkinlik.com

later i want to try multi page survey system. Ex: if i have 20 questions in test. i want to show them one by one each page. Also how can i carry data end of the test.

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