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Starting with CodeIgniter setup: suggestions & best practices

Thanks for your sharing, that is very helpful to me.

[eluser]Total Shop UK[/eluser]
Basic HMVC CI v1.7.2 w/AJAX

Download Here: http://sourceforge.net/projects/totalshopuk/files/

A great starting point for people looking to learn the CI Framework

It is helpful for me, thanks!!and i just get a useful lesson!


:coolsmile: great baselines to look out for. Well written. Great job!

Thanks for the thanks and complements, I've made some small updates over time and I'll keep this topic up to date for some time to come.

But I also added an important note, which I will reitterate here: While I'm willing to come to these forums and help people out from time to time, I'm no personal helpdesk in any way, shape or form. This goes for stuff I've contributed myself as well as for the complete out-of-the blue support questions.
If you got a question or need help: ask on these forums. Either find a related topic or start your own. Don't PM me. Don't email me. I won't respond. Never. This isn't because I don't like you or because I think you don't deserve help. This is because I have work and a life of my own that I find infinitely more important. I will help out when I feel like it, and I'll especially keep track topics for code I've contributed. But I have little time for people who think they can either abuse topics by going wildly off-topic to ask a certain user (like me) for help, or for people who think I'll help out when they ask me by PM or email. All you'll get by approaching me like that is that I'll ignore you for as long as I remember you did.

I doubt I'm the only user who has topics or contributed code that are well visited and gets this kind of "abuse", and I am pretty sure this goes for many (if not all) of them as well.

Thank you. I hope everybody will read it, not only the newbies but the oldies also.

This is really helpful - thanks for posting it

that sure works!

Very helpful for newbies like me. Thanks for this post.

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