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Starting with CodeIgniter setup: suggestions & best practices


Starting with CodeIgniter setup: suggestions & best practice

Thanks you for this work

it's possible of translate this POST on codeigniter.fr ?



I hereby license the first 2 posts under MIT license, so feel free to translate or reproduce them in whatever way you see fit Wink

Just Help References,... very very simple for beginners.....


why there is no standard package?

CodeIgniter for user-login, make the Auth class examples

now it is easy to install it

Awesome post, thanks so much for this.

In terms of ORM, do you still recommend RapidDataMapper? Looks like it's dead now?

When starting out and if you got less of an opinion than me on the subject I'd recommend DMZ, it's both active and very powerfull.
When I chose I prefered RDM for a couple of reasons: I like the practice of clean models with all DB stuff separate; I prefer the query builder from RDM a lot over CI's AR; and it's faster. The first 2 however are the most important for making your choice, the speed arguement won't be of any signifigance for over 99% of CI based projects.

Even though the project is indeed pretty much dead I still use RDM as it was very reliable and fast for the documented use, rough edges only appear once you try very complex usage (and I fix any bugs where they appear as I know the code pretty well). For new projects I'll probably use either php.activerecord, Doctrine2 (if the project is very complex) or whatever comes of the new Fuel ORM we're currently rewriting. When PHP5.3 isn't an option I'll probably stay with RDM.

Nice job. Very informative.

[eluser]Irfan Cikoglu[/eluser]
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It is helpful for me, thanks!!and i just get a useful lesson!

It is helpful for me, thanks!!and i just get a useful lesson!

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