Newbie Needs Help - Please

I've spent two days trying to get CI to work on my domain, with no luck. I am hoping someone will be kind enough to get me past this hurdle so I can start learning the framework.

I've been programming for 20 years (VB, JavaScript, ASP), but I want to now learn PHP and from my research CI appears the best way to go.

I have been trying to follow the Controllers tutorial in the User Guide and cannot even get the "Hello World" working. Always get 404 errors. I tried the suggestions under Troubleshooting, and many different online suggestions, but nothing seems to fix the problem.

I have all the files installed on the root of my domain. If someone will be so kind as to take a look and tell me what is wrong, I would really appreciate it!

pw: Puebloman4863

Thank you very much in advance!



Hi Daniel, and welcome to the CI forums.

Looking at your site - [url=""][/url] - it looks like the base install is working just fine. What are the controller(s) names that you've created, and/or methods within those, that you're trying to hit?

Possibly a bit sanguine to post login credentials for your site here .. but you didn't mention login name, so that might slow some people down Wink

As jedd mentioned, homepage looks fine, but index.php/welcome/index doesn't... so I'd try the differant URI protocols under config/config.php

And be sure to change you're password as well now that it's published here for ever (should anyone guess your username)

Sorry about forgetting the user name. It is: dbferry

I will be changing these after I get this resolved.

I've already tried all of the various options for the URI protocols under config/config.php. This is why I am posting here for help.

I'm trying to get the "blog.php" controller working.

Thanks to everyone for the input thus far...

Wow, I'd forgotten how annoying ftp clients are.

Anyhoo, had a quick poke around, and can't work out why it's borked. I tried to fix up your index.php (remove it as a requirement) so there's a bit of a mess, but you can just plonk over a new copy of CI when you're done. I put up a phpinfo.php in your root, in case anyone wants to check that out. I added a function foo() to your welcome.php class, but couldn't get it going. index.php keeps coming back - and I can't work out why. My .htaccess is usually pretty robust. I also couldn't get any errors to be dumped out to /logs/... despite bumping up CI's error reporting all the way to 11.

Someone else can have a look now - I'm leaving the building. My gut feel is that something funny is being done by your hoster, but I can't work out what it might be.

Did you have this working on your local box?

I am downloading the entire install on my local machine and give it a run.

It works on my local machine. I am working now on the live server. I've started by taking out .htaccess.

OK. I have it running without .htaccess.

I'll build now a .htaccess.


Thank you tons!

If I may, what was wrong?


Your hoster requires a ? after the index.php to get it working. Right now I struggle with the .htaccess, for the moment I can't get it working.

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