Multiple Forms on one page.

Hello everyone.

First of all, I'm a beginer with CI and in some way with PHP. An keep running into this problem (I manage to work around it -by ignoring it, and choosing other aproaches, but not this time).

So here it is: i have a page with 2 forms: one for login (email, pass, submit) which is submited to "users/login", and a order form (several selects and submit button) which is submited to orders/some_action.

Problem is: I click the submit button for the order form, and it submits to users/login. What am I doing wrong?

See for your self:

Well in plain html <form></form> to open and close a form.

For CI that is <?php echo form_open(target');?> and <?php echo form_close();?>

[eluser]Johan André[/eluser]
Your forms seems just fine...

Works fine for me...even though I don't see the login form on I have to click on the Login link in the top to get to the login screen.

I closed the form as I should... now I removed the login form, and put a link to a login form, so I can work on something else.
If I can't find a solution to this... this is the only way (separate login view)... but is not ideal.

can you put the login form back, so we can reproduce the problem and help you?

I put it back. It looks like it works just fine now. Weird stuff.

Thanks you all for the help. Smile

It's just scared of the combined power of the CI community bearing down on it!

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