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autocompletion of CI in aptana or eclipse


I am new guy to CI.can any one tell me how to get autocompletion feature in aptana or eclipse.i have added the library to the project but i am not able to get the auto completion.

Thanks in Adavance

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one way is to make a MY_Controller which just contains something along the lines of
class MY_Controller extends Controller {

  * @var CI_Loader
public $load;

  * @var CI_Session
public $session;

... etc ...

function __construct(){

with a bit of luck the code completion will kick in when you do

is there any way that i can get code completion just like java.

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I've got no idea what you mean by that.

In eclipse for java for auto completion you just need to add the jar files of that framework in to the class path.then u will get automatically the auto completion.is there is any way like this is php.

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not for codeigniter. all classes in codeigniter hang off a CI Superclass, which is why you have to do $this->class->method() all the time. Aptana/Eclipse is not aware of this convention, which is why you have to do what I suggested in my first reply.

NetBeans + CodeIgniter = Great Combination

Source 1

Source 2

[This should be mention somewhere in userguide or as a sticky thread]

I've tried adding codeigniter as a library to aptana and no luck from a library add in. It would be a good thing if I could make it work. What I have had success at, is adding code templates and snippets. I don't have live object->property yada yada stuff like you would in visual studio but I've learned a ton by putting together my own templates.

As a former "I've got to have code intellisense" guy, I can tell you that after just a couple of months of diligently learning about codeigniter I find that I don't miss it as much as at the beginning. I'm not saying it's not usefull, just that you won't mind it as much in a couple of months.

Build a couple of sample apps. Read and stumble through a book or two and you'll see what I mean.

You might look at Komodo both free and paid. ActiveState ides are always interesting and they have really kept up with code completion in a lot of flavours.

For Netbeans I found this blog where it shows your how to use Intellisense


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