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Cron Fails while getting records

[eluser]saidai jagan[/eluser]
There is a problem while running the function through cron.
If I run the function manually in browser as
www.mydomain.com/cron/getvalues/ it returns 500 rows,
but while running through cron system (Through machine) as
40 15 * * * /bin/usr/lynx/ www.mydomain.com/index.php?cron/getvalues/
it returns only 80 records.
wat is the problem ???

Posting once should be enough:


[eluser]saidai jagan[/eluser]
oh sorry.can u tell me a solution for this ??

Nope, sorry.
I haven't had the pleasure to work with cron jobs yet Wink

Your post is a bit to vague. Perhaps you could post some code for us to examine.


[eluser]louis w[/eluser]
To execute and http request through cron, this is the command I use:

/usr/local/bin/wget -O - http://www.domain.com/do/whatever

Try this and see what happens, wget might be in a different location on your server.

The data set returned by cron should not be any different then making the request directly. If it really is, I would suggest turning on debugging and start writing your sql query and return set to the log for comparison.

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