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What do Active Record parallel queries do?

In the wiki there is "Active Record parallel queries" and i'm trying to work out what it does.

I'll be quite honest and say that i don't really understand.

Does it mean that if i have a query with say 5 where statements, i can split that query up into 5, run them all at once, where they will run quicker? then come out with one result?

I tried reading about it on the internet but it was confusing!

I believe the issue is the same as I am having, I have a large page that sets up a single query operation. Now I want to use the active record class for another query, but during the other queries setup. If I try to use the active record class again, it will screw up the setup of my initial query, hear is hoping that the Parallel Query function allows me to label the second query so that it doesn't interfere with the existing one.


Just updated this page for 2.1.3:

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