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calling a PHP file in the src of an image

I am using an image resizing function and cannot get the images to display at all, but I can go to the image directly in the browser and see the image...

here is how I am calling the function:

<img src="imageresize.php?maxsize=xxx&source=path/to/image/file" />

but that is not working!!!

Try this getcwd() then the rest of your image path.

Like, getcwd()."path/to/image/file";

how would you put that in using the code I originally posted?

ok so nevermind on that last post... got that but its still not working Sad

updated code:

<img src="imageresize.php?maxsize=xxx&source;=' . getcwd() . '/path/to/image/file" />

imageresize.php is a function so I am not sure if CI is wanting to play nicely or not...

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