XAMPP users - Please read

The current realease of XAMPP, version 1.7.2 is not "compatible" with CodeIgniter 1.7.1
It's a PHP 5.3 issue to be exact.

If you have projects which use CI 1.7.1, make sure you have installed XAMPP 1.7.1 and no newer version.

From what you can read on this forum, CI devs are working on a fix for PHP 5.3. Once that fix is out, you can upgrade to XAMPP 1.7.2

BTW: XAMPP version numbers and CI version numbers are just a coincidence Tongue


Read this? http://ellislab.com/forums/viewthread/124643/

Try updating to CI 1.7.2 from SVN

Yes, I have. Isn't it clear that I understand? Smile
I posted this for other users like me. Who know what they're doing but not as much as others.
I have a dozen or so projects which use CI 1.7.1. Afetr I updated one with CI 1.7.2 OTHER problems persisted with the XAMPP 1.7.2 and CI 1.7.2 configuration. So it was easier to downgrade XAMPP for now.

I don't use SVN. Tried once (few weeks ago in fact) but don't get it 100%. I'll probably figure it out one day, but it's not a necessity during my routine atm.

I actually updated my XAMPP to 1.7.2 today as well and my CI built sites just stopped working. Good thing I did not delete the 1.7.1 version of XAMPP on my system. I did try the files in the SVN as well but did not have much luck so I will stick to the current version of XAMPP until 1.7.2 gets sorted. But good to see XAMPP dropping support or PHP4.

Gee mine works!

Get the SVN


Thanks a lot for this post.
I was trying many things because I thought it was related to Mac OS X - Snow Leopard.
But after a little bit of research I see that is a problem between CodeIgniter libraries and new PHP versions.

Thanks again for a 2-liner saving hours!


Is there any kind of timeframe on when this problem could get sorted? I've just re-installed my machine so I have no old copies of xampp anywhere :-(

Odd, my WampServer works just fine.

Try it, I use it instead of XAMPP (though I can't remember any specific reasons why I prefer it): WampServer

I am running Xampp under windows Vista and it works fine!

You need the SVN


aha, you are right! i must have mixed up my svn version for the static version. i'm running windows xp and xampp and everything seems to be working fine now. thanks!

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