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Problem when moving myweb to web server

[eluser]Nisha S.[/eluser]

I am getting the following error message after I have moved my website to my hosting server.

Fatal error: Call to undefined method CI_Validation::error_string() in /home/sparthee/public_html/e02tamils/test/system/helpers/form_helper.php on line 837

But the same thing works fine in my local host. My hosting is in linux is it a problem? Because once I have moved it said the file names not found for my libraries since the file names had Capital first letter but in loading I gave all in small letter. It worked in my localhost but when I moved to the hosting it said can't find the files So I changed all to small name. Now I am getting the above problem. Please see the url for error message, and please help me urgently.


Thank you in advance.

You could check the permissions of all files (specially the ones which are signalled in the error messages) in order to see if the are readable by "others" group.

Maybe this could be the problem (sometimes the simpliest things provoke the ugliest problems)...

Good Luck!


.deleted. -- repeated (sorry) --

There is no function called error_string() in the Validation class but in the newer Form_validation class!

[eluser]Nisha S.[/eluser]
Thanks to every one helped me in this. I think the problem occurred while transferring the file through my ftp client. Transferred again and working.

I am having another problem now. Please help me on this also if anyone encountered this already.

I am extending validation class.

<?php if (!defined('BASEPATH')) exit('No direct script access allowed');
class MY_Validation extends CI_Form_validation {

function MY_Validation()
public function isUsername($uname)
if (!preg_match('/^[a-zA-Z0-9_-]+$/',$uname))
$this->set_message('isUsername', 'Username can have only alphabets, hipen and dots.');
return FALSE;
if (strlen($uname) < 5){
$this->set_message('isUsername', 'Username should have more than 4 letters.');
return FALSE;
return TRUE;

that goes like that...

Validation all works fine. but the problem is there is no message is displayed in the form when I use the method
&lt;?php echo validation_errors(); ?&gt; using the form helper class.

Do I have to customize that if I am extending the Form_Validation class.

Thank you in advanced.

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