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Code crafter problems


I try to use codecrafter to generate CRUD actions, but I have some problems to get it up and running.

I assume that the installation was successful because I can see the first page. But whenever I try to generate the code, the page returns a "403 forbidden" error.
The URL it generates is following:


Probably it's a config error. I checked all config files in the application, but I think they are correct. I also checked if short_open_tag option = On in my php.ini file.

Any more ideas?

Many thanks,

If you're using the latest version of CodeCrafter, check your config.php file
(/system/application/config/config.php) and make sure this line is set

$config['rewrite_short_tags'] = TRUE;

I was using the latest version of codecrafter.

Still the same problem after adding the "rewrite_short_tags" into config.php!
It seems that I don't have permissions to access the folder on my webserver. But I'm administrator at my own box.

I also tried it with the stable version, but no success. I'm gonna look a bit deeper into my php and apache config files.


Looks like your PHP short tag option needs attention.

Seems like the <?= site_url(...); ?> is not being resolved.

It seems like you are viewing the front-end. Look at the source code. You shoul see you form listed like
<form NAME='ccoptions' method="post" action="http://localhost/codecrafter/index.php/codecrafter/generate">

Quick check: Do you have the "http" in you base_url, as follows:
$config['base_url']     = "http://localhost/codecrafter/";


Thanks for the response.

It was a problem of <?= site_url(...); ?> that couldn't be resolved. After playing around with all config files in my web server, I decided to reinstall everything. after the installation I enabled the short tag option in apache and in the config file of codeigniter as described earlier in the post. The result is that CODECRAFTER works fine now. It's amazing how much work is generated and how easy it is to re-use the generated code.

I'm only playing 3 days with codeigniter (without php background) and it's really easy to learn, especially if many of the code is generated for you.

This is really a "job well done".


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