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Function calling


I am getting problem with function calling.I have a php file in my project directory.My final script with no any error is running well.I am integrating a form in my home.php file in "app/views" directory.I copied form coding from my "views/Email/signup" (views/Email/signup.php) file.And in final script the controller "email" is loading this form in his output data(with no error).This form is calling a function "form_token" is defined in "helpers/My_Form_file.php" directory.I m just copying this form and placing in my "views/home.php" file and there i m getting error in calling to "form_token" function.And i also saw the file (helpers/My_form_file.php) is not included in my final script ("views/Email/signup.php").Why i m getting this error.

Plz explain ..


I m using mail function in my home.php file.I have made a form and taking dta by POST routine.This is taking data from FORM , but my mail($toemail,$subject,$content,$header) function is returning false for VALID EMAIL ID.

Need help..

How do you expect anyone to help you without seeing your code?


hey ajay, i have encounter the same problem as your before.
you may need to understand more about the concept of codeigniter library / helper...
you shouldn't include another file while you try to call helper function (helper is only static function so they won't call another file / function)..
if you need to include another file, create library, and load all file / library that you will need..

best regards

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