Problems in extending the native class on Linux

Aside: In your position I'd chuck an echo in the constructor of my extended class, and once I realised it simply wasn't being executed, I'd then (as you suspected) start to eye off the naming of my files. The reason it worked on Microsoft Windows and not on GNU/Linux was because the former (well, NTFS) disguised the mismatch between the filename and/or the classname - it's not clear whether you called the file My_ ... or MY_... In any case, one of those delights of NTFS (a 'modern' file system - meh).

[eluser]Kumar Chetan sharma[/eluser]
[quote author="jedd" date="1251941983"]Oh .. hang on. Have you changed the default prefix, or is that still set to MY_ ?

If it is, and you haven't, then your extension is failing because you're talking about My_

class My_Pagination extends CI_Pagination

Again, this is pretty carefully explained in the manual.[/quote]
Can you change your username to Jedi? I just noticed my lib was named "My_..." not "MY_...". An error on my part. Thanks a ton for pointing out. I owe you a can of beer. You can get it if you are in San Jose and live anywhere near 85 and 101 intersection. ;-)

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