htaccess works on home server but not on hosting account

[quote author="Daniel Moore" date="1253069934"]You state that the problem on the friend's hosted website is a 403 error, yet the .htaccess file you show is for, not for Perhaps you forgot to change the URL when copying it over to your friend's site? Fix the URL issue, though this is not your problem with the site.

You have "Options -Indexes", which means you must have a valid index file, because the site will not display a directory index. You will get a 403 error when you try to access a site that has directory index disabled (as is this) but the site does not have a valid index.

I notice if you visit "" it gives a CodeIgniter 404 file not found. That is really screwy. Make sure you actually have the files where they are supposed to go for CodeIgniter to run. Perhaps you do not have a default controller? You must have an index.php there, or else you would not get a CodeIgniter 404. Sounds like you have forgotten to assign a default controller, or have assigned an invalid default controller. Check that for your 403 problem.[/quote]

The codeigniter error is weird, but is not codeigniter, just plain html

That link displays the site correctly.

Is there some htaccess code that makes it so it ignores the jessicademattos folder?

[eluser]Daniel Moore[/eluser]
If is in a subdirectory of your codeignitor site, then yes, you have a problem.

What you need to do is set up an .htaccess file as follows to place in the folder:
RewriteEngine off

An Apache server will keep rules for all parent folders from .htaccess, therefore, you need to turn that rewrite engine off again if you reach a folder you don't want it to affect.

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