1and1, php5 and CodeIgniter

Hello everyone,

I tried tu use php5 with CodeIgniter and 1and1, but I have a problem.
The default php's version of 1and1 is php4. If you want to have php5 on your server, you have to use a .htaccess and add this ligne on it : AddType x-mapp-php5 .php, or the second option you have to rename all your files with the extension .php5 instead of .php. When I do it with a test page it works perfectly. But I tried the both way to run CodeIgniter with php5 but it does'nt work and I don't find why.
Is someone using 1and1 and php5 and found a solution ?

Thanks for your help,


Post the full specs of the service you are getting... we will need to know the server specs.

What do you mean by specs ? Which informations do you need ?
BTW, thanks for answering !

Just need to know which 1and1 package you have gone for e.g. http://order.1and1.co.uk/xml/order/Hosti..._lf=Static

What we need to know is what software, php version, sql version your server is running.

Here as the different version :
PHP : 4.4.9
MySQL : 5.0

And the version of php when I do it with the .php5 extension : 5.2.10

Renaming all your files to .php5 instead of .php isn't really an option, is it?
Why not go with the htaccess file?

I had the same problem, try this code in a .htaccess file at the root level (same dir as index.php)

AddType x-mapp-php5 .php
AddHandler x-mapp-php5 .php
it works for me on 1and1.

[quote author="waldmeister" date="1253210274"]Renaming all your files to .php5 instead of .php isn't really an option, is it?
Why not go with the htaccess file?[/quote]

I agree with this.

Thank you for answers.
I already tested the two solutions, neither of them worked. I will try again the solution with the .htaccess file, and let you know.

Thank you, I tried again and it works perfectly.

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