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Jquery Ajax Pagination

[eluser]Đaяк Đaηтє[/eluser]
I have a few days trying to do a pagination using Jquery Ajax funtions, but I don't know where I need to start to do this, can you give some clues please.


I done a screencast for such a thing.

See it here : http://www.weblee.co.uk/screencasts/

Part 3 has the Ajax bit.

Good Luck !

You can try Jquery Pagination Plugin.

I think it'll help you without much effort

Happy Coding,

[eluser]Đaяк Đaηтє[/eluser]
Really good, OES, your screencast helps me very much. thanks for your help...

[eluser]Myles Wakeham[/eluser]
We battled with this problem a while back and eventually settled on FlexiGrid for jQuery for this. There are posts on the forums (do a search for them) and possibly some Wiki info, but the results have been fantastic. You will want to use it in conjunction with optimized SQL queries of course, since you are going to provide your end user with a lot of options to search, filter, and sort on displayed data. But after going through the process to integrate this into CI, the payback has been really well worth it. My clients love the end resulting grid apps, and after getting all the JSON stuff working with CI, it opens up a world of opportunities as well.

Good luck.


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