My files are being "compressed" when I ftp them.

Why is that? When I look at the source of the page or download it from ftp, almost all the whitespace is gone. It's really annoying me. Does it have to do with my ftp client and how it uploads or something? Or is it my host? Thanks for any help.

[quote author="tomdelonge" date="1254272311"]
Does it have to do with my ftp client ...

Surely if that were possible, you'd have mentioned what client you're using ... yes?

Try sending your data in binary mode - the alternative can sometimes try to be smart with EOL markers, and possibly other things.

It's been some time since I've used FTP, though, and I'd encourage you to look at alternatives. scp (running over ssh) is the obvious candidate, and even the most cautious of people should be willing to jump onto the secure copy bandwagon now that it's been in use by everyone else for more than a decade.

[eluser]Colin Williams[/eluser]
You have different line delimiters locally than you do on your remote server. Configure your IDE to use the appropriate line delimiters (probably UNIX)

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