Code igniter demo website need to download

Hi there, please don't blame me, I know it's very noob question
Is there any Code igniter demo website? I am reading code igniter user guide, but I need some working examples. Please tell me where can I download at least a small code igniter website?
I know coding php and very familiar with web design, but my coding practise isn't enought yet.
Any suggestion plzzz?

CodeIgniter is a framework. It's not a website.

Do you mean in addition to bamboo invoice? I'm sure you discovered that one, when you read through the wiki and tutorials, as being the first really big demo of a CI site.

You did look through the wiki and tutorials before posting this frequently asked question here, didn't you?

I'm sure you also found, after a quick search in the forums, quite a few links. The most recent, but as I say I'm sure you already have discovered this, and are just seeking more sites, was a [url=""]full blown music site - Unravel The Music[/url]. I guess you've already looked through Phil's excellent [url=""]PyroCMS[/url], and found that it didn't quite cover what you wanted too.

Thanks, I have just finished reading CI user guide. But I need some help to getting started. Sorry about asked a form of noobs question. I am gonna learn more myself. Thanks again

Did you take a look at the 20 minute blog ?

[quote author="jabga" date="1254331748"]
But I need some help for getting started, plzz

The first time you asked, you misspelt please with three z's, this time you could only be bothered to hit the z twice.

What are we to make of this rampant display of insincerity?


We're grown-ups here, for the most part, so the cutesy language wrapped around the plaintive demands for assistance that's already provided in the tutorials and wiki probably won't work so well for you. (Unless you're a chick. (Or at least have a picture of a chick as your avatar.))

If you have some specific questions, feel free to a) search first because they've likely already been asked several times over, and b) then ask.

This is a really helpful link. Thanks jedd, I understood

Undeniably, the work that gullah and his brother have done there is just amazing.

But, and not to detract from their achievement in any way, be sure to not adopt their attitude towards inline documentation.

In the olden days, before IDE's, if you wanted to return to a location in the file you were editing you'd often drop in a string that you knew would be unique across your entire codebase, for example a person's name.

Those guys could have used /* or //

LOL @ jedd.

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