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SyntaxCMS - A modular CMS built for clients

SyntaxCMS is a modular CMS built upon the CodeIgniter Framework. It is open source, and is actively maintained and developed.

Why SyntaxCMS?

* Built on the CodeIgniter Framework
* Open Source Software
* Modular and extremely customisable
* A "functions" api that allows you to achieve tasks in plugins and themes quickly.

EDIT: we’re experiencing hosting problems - our site should be back up in a few days. In the meantime, here is a link to the

Google code page: http://code.google.com/p/syntax-content-...nt-system/
and the developer preview video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nyoMhc6aszc

Take a look at http://cms.syntaxmonster.net for more info.
You can view a demo here: http://demo.syntaxmonster.net

Thanks for your time!
John Hamelink,

Looks interesting, I think I might try it

as I understood, we need to unpack all the tar.gz ?

Can't it be applied to agains for example 1.7.2 sources of CI?

The package contains the copy of CI that was used in development and the application its self. You need to unpack the tar.gz into a directory and browse to that directory in your web browser. You'll be presented with an installer. Also, make sure to chmod 777 config.php /modules/ and /static/uploads/. It is highly recommend you chmod config.php to 644 after the installation.

Thanks, if you have any further questions, don't hesitate to ask Wink

[eluser]Johan André[/eluser]
Looks kindof nice!
Is there any more modules for it?
Theme support?

[eluser]Yorick Peterse[/eluser]
Would love to see a demo Smile

Currently we have Blog, Contact, Download page and portfolio modules. we will be releasing them very soon. There is theme support, and the default theme has it's own content delivery php file, which helps speed up your page. The unstable version (which I should have a public repository for hopefully by the end of today) has a revamped admin panel, as well as a user inteface library to allow you to easily standardise your plugin admin panel's looks, and a whole host of other small improvements.

You can take a look at the sneak-peak of the admin panel here: http://cms.syntaxmonster.net/forum/viewt...p?f=11&t=3

I will be adding some tutorials on theming and plugin development very soon also - stay tuned!

There is a demo up and running here: http://demo.syntaxmonster.net
I am currently editing a video tutorial of how to install and use the CMS.

Whatever happened to alpha? I'm not so sure I'd say this was beta...

[quote author="Developer13" date="1254695524"]Whatever happened to alpha? I'm not so sure I'd say this was beta...[/quote]

I have found it to be very stable, and it is in use on a few websites with no bugs what-so-ever. To me, this constitutes it's beta status. The unstable version (which is a massive improvement in usability and overall awesomeness, and which I can hardly wait to release) is very much alpha. To me, alpha means feature incomplete, or buggy. The public revision of syntaxCMS is neither (unless you can give me some examples of bugs, and I will quickly retract that statement Tongue).

All that aside, thanks for looking at syntaxCMS, and if you think it can be improved, please do not hesitate in throwing some new features/bug fixes this way.

Thanks Smile

Few things missing that would be nifty features, parent-page relations (at least down to 3 levels), and widgets (basically mini-modules for putting things in different areas of the page).

For instance, you might have a 'recent posts' widget which you put on the left side of the page and a navigation widget which shows a different navigation on the top of the page and on the bottom of the page, etc...

Interesting project,

I tried installing it on my local machine but I got a few "Deprecated: Assigning the return value of new by reference is deprecated" errors.

Would certainly be willing to help out.

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