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Running on Java with Oracle, is this possible?


A client I'm working for had us start developing an app with codeigniter on a LAMP environment. Recently we were told though that we are no longer able to deploy to a LAMP environment and are going to need to accomodate for a Java/Oracle server setup.
Now, I've tried researching the viability of this, but I have no knowledge of Java or Oracle whatsoever.

As of right now our progress on the application is minimal so I'm not concerned about the conversion from mysql to oracle or whatever needs to happen there.

But I thought I would check here first to see if anyone knows if this is even a viable option.
Here are the server specs we are requested to deploy to:

- Web Server : iPlanet 6.1 sp7
- Web Application Server : WebLogic
- Java : JDK1.5
- Oracle : 9i

If anyone has any light to shed on this, I would appreciate your help a thousand times over.

no idea mate, probably you can ask in the java communities. There you can get lots of help.

Here is the link for you.


I dont get it...
Is your question about possiblity to run CI code on server specified above?
If you can make PHP runing on it - then yes:

But I guess client requirement and intention is to fully move to Java (Spring, Struts, Hibernate) and say goodbye PHP.

Oracle is sooo much more reliable to MySQL when it comes to complicated tasks (i.e. aggregation/calculation queries).

Hey guys,
@dixcoder: Yeah, I looked around there, but their forum is ridiculously huge and my knowledge of java is zero so I didn't know where to even post.

@Cshamoh: well, yes the client requirement was to move to Java for the entire application. But in hopes of salvaging the work we've done we wanted to see what the possibility of getting CI running on that server was.

I came to the CodeIgniter forums hoping for a non-java related explanation, which is probably unattaninable.
I just don't know the difference between iPlanet, webLogic, Solaris, Spring, etc. So I essentially have no idea what to do here and was hoping someone with some experience doing this very thing might pop in haha.

Thanks for that link, it might prove to be helpful

You could get PHP running on the server, but honestly you'd be doing a lot more work trying to integrate the existing PHP code with Java than you would if you just started porting it now. Java is tightly integrated with Oracle to the point where you can run java code inside the database as stored procedures. You're also using a version of Oracle DB that's pretty ancient, they stopped supporting it in 2007. If you want my honest opinion, be honest with the client and bow out of the project - you're in over your head if you've got no Java/Oracle experience and have to get a complex app up and running.

Along with kgill, I suggest you be extremely careful about proceeding with this client. He has made the software equivalent of saying "I want you to build me a townhouse on the gulf of mexico" to "I am in need of a house in a nice suburb outside of New York City". Total, complete, utter change that requires a total restart. Not only that, but if you aren't experienced in Java and Oracle you are likely in for a nasty surprise.

Not that you couldn't learn it, but damn, Java is fundamentally different than PHP. I've coded some in both (far less in Java than PHP, which I sort of regret because those damn Java gurus make the big wampum cash-money, hehe).

You just have to make sure you know what you are in for, and this is a huge red flag that this client will pull crap like this again - you'd be a damn fool to accept a flat-fee for the finished product or anything like that. If they pay hourly...hey, milk it all you'd like.

The only reason that you can write and load Java applications within the database is because it is a safe language with a lot of security features. Java has been developed to prevent anyone from tampering with the operating system that the Java code resides in. Some languages, such as C, can introduce security problems within the database. However, Java, because of its design, is a robust language to be used within the database.

I tried CI with Quercus (www.caucho.com/resin-3.0/quercus/) with no luck when using a database.

The problem is instantiating the CI database driver. It seems to be a solution in the works for the next version, but it's not available yet.

You cannot use any of the CI DB drivers (at the moment), but you can use direct calls using the PHP standard library calls. This defeats the purpose of the Active Record pattern in CI.

There are other PHP apps that run out-of-the-box with no problems. Mantis bug tracker is one of them as well as MediaWiki, Drupal, Wordpress, Gallery2 and DocuWiki.

One of the drawbacks is that Quercus is a Java implementation of PHP and only a limited number of extensions are available.

Hey guys,

I hate unfinished forum threads so...

Thanks for all of your help. Using this feedback I was able to convince them to stick with LAMP.

And yeah, the client is iffy, but we're pretty locked in in terms of features and scope so we're comfortable continuing as long as it's CI on LAMP.

I appreciate your guys' feedback, thanks again! Back to work...


Congrats on the successful resolution and thanks for letting us know. Best of luck!

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