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Framework Not working..

Ok, so total noobie.

BUT. I uploaded all the CodeIgniter files to my server etc. I am running php5x.

I was doing the blog tutorial, everything was going fine untill the server stopped responding.

I have no idea why, I reuploaded new set of files and nada.

so this is the error I get "
Network Error (tcp_error)

A communication error occurred: ""
The Web Server may be down, too busy, or experiencing other problems preventing it from responding to requests. You may wish to try again at a later time. "

Especially considering that you uploaded new files, I'd say you need to contact your host and find out what's wrong with the server.

Hi Codedawooddriftwood and welcome to the CI forums.

It sounds like your ISP is not working, rather than the framework.

You could upload another copy of the CI core, with your basic changes, and see if you can run those.

Your life would be easier if you set up a local development environment, however. My personal preference is a virtual machine running GNU/Linux, Apache, PHP, MySQL - but I gather xamp and variants are quite popular too. Working remotely is slow and painful, and not having control of the system you're on is even less pleasant.

Hey guys, thanks for the quick response. I did re-upload the files and try again but to no luck.

I tried using MAMP and testing out the framework. IT seems to pull different files into the index page (welcome message) then it did when working with the files live.

okies, So I figure out that it was my server having issues with the xtension on php with server.

Here is the issue I am having right now.

I am doing the first part http://codeigniter.com/tutorials/

I have created the "blog.php" but for some reason am still getting a page 404 not found.
when I try accesing the index.php/blog/

However if I work on the site through a local host progam like mamp it works just fine.

Sigh, forgive me guys for these nood question.

You need to make sure your system/application/config/config.php is configured correctly.

ah! okay, makes sensei! BUT, its still doing the same thing Sad

so here is where im stuck.... from the config file.

my site is called http://dawoodstudios.com/

I have a bunch of folders on there and this current version of CI is in a folder called ci. These are two types I have tried and it sill dont work.

$config['base_url'] = "http://dawoodstudios.com/ci/";
$config['base_url'] = "http://dawoodstudios.com/";

| Base Site URL
| URL to your CodeIgniter root. Typically this will be your base URL,
| WITH a trailing slash:
| http://example.com/
$config['base_url'] = "http://dawoodstudios.com/ci/";


SIGH... sorry!!!! and thanks.

You know, from my own experience with having problems with multiple installations, you should just back up those old installations and remove them.

yeah. installed brand new version. I think the controller and the index page are not communicating as it keeps bringing up the error page. Even when I try to access the welcome page it freaks out, yet it works perfect on my local machine. It defo has to do with config or something....

maybe I just stick with modx or drupal, HA. I kant even get started on this mofo.

In config.php, try changing the setting of uri_protocol to one of the other choices. Test each choice to determine if this is the problem.

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