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[DISCUSSION] How much effort are you putting into making it work for various browsers?

[eluser]Damien K.[/eluser]
I personally think that something more stimulating should crop up now and then in the forum to get the community engaged (no, not to flame people) as opposed to the 99% of the trivial (but relevant, depending on perspectives) questions.

Here is my stimulating question of the day, after stumbling on a similar topic in the forum.

I code all my apps for Firefox 3. 99.99% of the features/functionality works for all versions of IE (the other major browser), including version 6. This leads to me one conclusion: applications that don't achieve similar "success" rates contain non-standard code. What is your take on this?

I agree.

If you're talking about HTML/CSS code, I disagree... about the "non-standard code" part anyway.

I guess it depends on a few things, including DTD, complexity of the layout, special 'effects' etc. IE6's lack of support for PNG transparency using standard CSS rules, for example, can be a real pain. IE6's lack of adherence to the box model spec is likewise troublesome. Often code can be completely standard but broken in IE6.

Then there's Safari - probably worth checking your code in that too. I find Safari to be generally comparable to Firefox

Oh, and if you're *not* talking about HTML/CSS, my points are probably irrelevant. Smile

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