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How to begin a foreach loop in one function and end it in another. Possible?

function create_loop($loop_post_name, $content, $order="desc") {

            return 'foreach ($test as $t) :';
        function loop_data() {
               return 'echo $t->example';
        function end_loop() {
            return 'endforeach;';

Above is an example of what I speak of. It's pretty imperative that it functions this way, as I have designed an entire CMS thus far around this model. Yet when I run it, it generates the error:

Quote:Fatal error: Cannot redeclare create_loop() (previously declared in C:\wamp\www\contentcreator\system\application\helpers\cc_helper.php:42) in C:\wamp\www\contentcreator\system\application\helpers\cc_helper.php on line 42

Here is my usage of it:

<?php create_loop('News Posts', 'article'); ?>
    <?php end_loop(); ?>

So obviously I am doing something wrong. Problem is, I have no idea what that something may be. Any help would be great!

*ps, the functions are being called from a helper and I am aware they would produce no content and an error if ran this way, but I can even get to that point, therefore I didn't include database calls and other things that would be looped.

Sounds like the helper is being included more than once. You could wrap your helper function within an existance check:
if (! function_exists('create_loop'))
    function create_loop(etc...
        // your code...

[eluser]Colin Williams[/eluser]
First of all, please realize that your functions just return strings. Nothing is going to happen when you successfully run the functions. You would have to eval() the function result: eval(create_loop('News Posts', 'article)Wink;

My suggestion is that you go back to the drawing board.

What other way would I have of deploying this? I know I've seen MANY CMS's do something very similar. Sometimes it's with a templating language like Wordpress and sometimes it's with functions, like Perch.

If it's not possible, hey, I won't do it. But there has to be another workaround other than making users write:

$loop = get_loop_contents($example, $example);

foreach($loop as $row) {

echo $row->post_name;


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