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Caching Issue in IE 6

In my Application We click the link add page from listing Page. In add Page after the successful insertion of values. It should be again redirected into listing Page. In listing Page all records are fetched and listed.

In Mozilla after successful insertion of values it shows the existing records and newly inserted record.

But in IE6 it not shows the updated record in listing Page

Man, IE always has a problem :-(

[eluser]Phil Sturgeon[/eluser]
// Disable sodding IE7's constant cacheing!!
        $this->CI->output->set_header('HTTP/1.0 200 OK');
        $this->CI->output->set_header('HTTP/1.1 200 OK');
        $this->CI->output->set_header('Expires: Sat, 01 Jan 2000 00:00:01 GMT');
        $this->CI->output->set_header('Cache-Control: no-store, no-cache, must-revalidate');
        $this->CI->output->set_header('Cache-Control: post-check=0, pre-check=0, max-age=0');
        $this->CI->output->set_header('Last-Modified: ' . gmdate( 'D, d M Y H:i:s' ) . ' GMT' );
        $this->CI->output->set_header('Pragma: no-cache');

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