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Code generate multiple links

Hi I have a problem and i dont understand why, i have a site developer with code, but on few secctions made multiple links.



I don´t know why hapen this
Could anybody help me please.
Thank you

Are you using relative links? eg. href="cancun" then if they keep clicking the link it just adds to the url. I think you need to add the basurl() or use the "/cancun".

Use site_url() or base_url() for link. the problem will be solved. here is an example of site_url().

Try like one of these

1. site_url(‘controlloerName’) if u want to invoke the default function index().

2. site_url(‘controlloerName/functionName’) if u want to invoke the some function

3. site_url(‘controlloerName/functionName/parameter1’) if u want to invoke the some function with one parameter

4. site_url(‘controlloerName/functionName/parameter1/parameter2’) if u want to invoke the some function with two parameters
——similarly for any no of parameters

Hope this will help u.

I use the base_url();


If you check your site or google check the site for any rason the codeigniter can call a functions.

I traid on codeigniter site. Example:

And load the content.

I need to know if this a normal problem or how can i fixed.

Thaks a lot

The automatic generation of a regular pattern of interfering links is a function implemented in SEAMCAT-3. Its purpose is to simplify generation of multiple links which are located at a certain (circular) pattern around the victim system. A typical interference scenario that would benefit from using this function is depicted in the following figure:

It shows an example of scenario that may be used for estimating intra-service interference to a victim base station of cellular system from mobile transmitters operating in the next tier of co-channel cells of the same system.

The user may create other combinations of mutual coupling and positioning of transceivers in interfering and victim links by accordingly setting the Vr-Wt; It-Wr, and Vr-It correlation choices in the workspace scenario. To use the auto-generation of such regularly spaced interfering links, the user may use command Generate Multiple Interfering Systems in Tools menu.

Note: The auto-generator of multiple interferers works only with interfering links having a fixed correlation mode selected in the Vr-It path scenario option (i.e. the auto-generator does not work with selected Vr-It correlation modes None, Uniform density or Closest interferer).

In the appearing dialog window, as shown below, the user may first select which of the existing interfering links should be multiplied, then set the wanted number of tiers of generated multiple cells, total number of cells per tier and the 'frequency re-use distance' parameter (corresponding to D in the above figure).



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