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Total n00b PHP loop question

Thank you, Jedd!!!!

Oh, I didn't really take notice of the original code, sorry. I don't need that extra flag there - just use $last_topic for both purposes :

    $last_topic = NULL;

    echo "<categories>\n";
    foreach($bfg_charts_midnightmysteries as $row)
        echo "<category label='" . $row->Days . "'/>\n";

    echo "</categories>\n";
    foreach($bfg_charts as $row)  {
        // If parent matches the previous parent, don't show it - just indent a bit
        if ($row->Title == $last_topic)
            echo "";
        else  {
            if ($last_topic)
                echo "</dataset>\n";
            echo "<dataset seriesName='" . $row->Title . "'/>\n";
        // You're always showing the child information
        echo "<set unusedLabelDate='" . $row->Date . " unusedLabelDays='" . $row->Days . "' value=" . $row->Rank . "/>\n";
        // Set last topic to current topic (for test on next loop)
        $last_topic = $row->Title;
    echo "</dataset>\n";

That should work the same way - untested code, of course.

It worked. Thank you!

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