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saving data via __destruct


i'm still learning CI and not yet an expert in PHP Wink

i was just wondering if it's possible to save data into the database in the magic __destruct function?



class Home extends Controller {

  private $mydata = array();

  public function __construct()

  public function index()
    //data is added to the $this->mydata array
    //this could be done everywhere : views, models....

  function __destruct()
    $this->db->where('id', 1);
    $this->db->update('table', $this->mydata);


i'm just not sure if this is a good thing todo!
and if the code will always be excecuted?!!

any experts please give me your thoughts.
thnx in advance!

if you want to update you table every time when object is getting destroy then it is ok, please check the following link


i already read the docs on php.net, but i'm just still a litle confused on when the destructor is actually called.

maybe a litle paranoid to! Smile
it's not possible that the CI->db object doesn't exist anymore?

hi just try this simple class


class test{
    private $obj_name;
    function __construct(){
        echo 'im constructer here<br />';
        $this->obj_name ='Hello im object<br />';
    function name(){
        echo $this->obj_name;
    function __destruct(){
        echo 'im destroying it.';

$obj = new test();



Use register_shutdown_function(array($this,"my_destruct_method")) ^_^

[quote author="Namaless" date="1260194298"]Use register_shutdown_function(array($this,"my_destruct_method")) ^_^[/quote]

thnx for the reply!
i'm currently looking into this method also Wink

thnx for the example,
everything works as expected!

appreciated :-)

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