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controller and model with same name

I have a controller and model with the same class name (photos) and when I try to use the photos model in the photos controller I get a cannot redeclare class photos error(as I should). Is there a way I can have a model and controller with the same name because it would get annoying to have to keep typing out _model whenever I include the model.

No - this isn't an issue with CI but with PHP itself - you cannot have two classes instantiated with the same name.

[eluser]Ben Edmunds[/eluser]
It's a namespace issue. The short answer is what richthegeek said, they need to be named differently.

I name all my models: controllerName_model. It avoids your problem and I think it makes for more semantic code.

makes it really easy for you to understand at a glance what is going on. You're getting info from your photo model.


What do you think about :
- named all controller as plural (eg: Users)
- named all model as singular (eg: User)


With an adaptation for CodeIgniter 3 I use this trick:

Hack 2. Prevent Model-Controller Name Collision, http://net.tutsplus.com/tutorials/php/6-...e-masters/

Thanks for your reply ivantcholakov,

So you prefer to modify the core and suffix controller instead of model.
Sorry I'm not a fan of this solution.
Thanks anyway

I've modified the hack for maintaining backward compatibility, so for me '_controller' suffix is not mandatory. But I prefer for new projects always to use the '_controller' suffix (for controllers) for newly created code. As the article mentioned you will use model names much often, so it is preferable model names to be cleaner and expressive. I hate seeing things like:


They uglify code in unacceptable for me level.

I think, the solution is nice, it merits to be implemented (with adaptation and BC) within CodeIgniter 3.

Of course, for your particular case it is your project and your own decision.

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