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Which authentication plugin is best?

I am new to codeigniter. Interested to use an authentication plugin. Please suggest me which one is best?


try dx_auth or tank_auth

I've got an awesome one, PM me and I'l lshare.

I second dx_auth.

[quote author="Jamie B" date="1260837644"]I've got an awesome one, PM me and I'l lshare.[/quote]

Hi Jamie,

if you have an awesome auth system, why not sharing it with the whole
CI community? I personally don't need one at the moment but other
users might be thankful for that.

[quote author="rana" date="1260806080"]
I am new to codeigniter. Interested to use an authentication plugin. Please suggest me which one is best?

Best for what purpose?

You should consider your requirements - perhaps even tell us what they are, so we can suggest something with a bit more accuracy - and evaluate your requirements against the features of the different auth libraries.

From what I've seen so far, you're generally better off - assuming a non-trivial application is being developed - to develop your own system from scratch. It's rare to find one that you can fully understand and modify in less time. Of course, for very small applications this rule of thumb doesn't apply.

I've personally run into a bit of a situation where it might make sense to use an auth program, after having long written my own. So here is the summary of my experience:

Upside (when creating your own)): If you don't use an auth system it is much easier and faster to get started on your project, as you only create the bare minimum of what you need and there is little or no learning curve.

Upside: All the bugs are yours, so they are easy to track down.

Downside (When creating your own): All the bugs are yours, and as it is a brand new system you just made there are likely to be plenty, and I constantly run into things I never anticipated. Like I was sure I wanted certain after login behaviors and certain logout behaviors, and then a simple request from a customer that should be easy becomes hard because it conflicts with my initial assumptions.

Existing systems have already been generalized to handle many different sorts of requests, so they likely already ran into what you ran into.

Downside: You have to develop any functionality you want, rather than just hooking up someone else's functionality. No one but you is searching for bugs and fixing them.

Thus, to reinforce what jedd suggests - what you need really matters on what is best. Many of my systems have multiple types of users, including Salesmen, End-Users, Merchants, and Admin/SuperAdmin - and they all need to be able to do some things but not others, and this gets messy if you didn't originally plan for such functionality. Whereas I believe tank_auth and dx_auth already are designed for such things.

The other big downside I ran into is when dealing with multiple projects. I now have my first project with one auth system designed for a certain purpose, and then another site with a modified and largely new system that is in many ways better, and then another system might be needed for my next project. I still sometimes discover a bug in one and realize it applies to multiple projects, or have a bug only in one application, or one project requires special handling that could interfere with how other projects are handled.

So while designing your own is great to get started, I'm starting to see how someone else's mature system might be nice. So far I've heard the best about dx_auth and seen the least problems being caused by it, so if I were to try one out that's the way I'd go.

[eluser]Random dude[/eluser]
I am also new to codeigniter and am looking for a user authentication solution

There is a comprehensive comparison of solutions here, but its almost a year old.

You may use javascript as your authentication helper.

I second thank_auth.

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