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TinyBrowser and CI integration

I am currently building a website where users can create and administrate their own websites. And I have decided to use the tinybrowser plugin for tinymce but 2 questions..

Legal is not my strong point could anyone point out if this is OK in the license of Tinybrowser and how would I integrate it with Codeigniter??? I need to be able to adjust the path for each website and limit their space according to their selected package.

Tried and failed at integration so if anyone has had any success in the past could you please help me???

hi integration tinybrowser with CI is not difficult its really easy only part you have to set the path of tinybrowser for each and every website.currently im using CI+tinymce+tinybrowser in my project and these are working really fine, how you are integrating it share some code.

Will look into it again tonight maybe I will have more luck. Could try to make a library from it if I actually succeed...

i use CKeditor with my custom simple file browser Smile

do u want to get only file manager or integrate with text editor?


Let me just give you a bit of background. The site I am building will allow anyone to create a free website and then later if the website grows buy on of the packages. Now for this I need a filemanager ( or get Tinybrowser) to first of all give all the users access to the files of their website and then also limit the space according to their package.

Now the method are already written to determine the space and how much they can still upload but this is done in CI.

See where I am going with this?

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