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SiteManagr - A simple open source CMS

Hi Dan your work it's great...
i think to choose your cms, but i'have a little problem.

When i remove the index.php amd setup .htaccess , the cms work very very slow..

I use same setup for all application and the structure it's the same..

Only sitemanagr it's to slow, can you help me?!


That issue where the charts hang with a script timeout is not resolved. I think you got it to work by adding a record to the visitor_activity table. But the db script has old data. Had to update it with current timestamp to get it to work.

Also the link to the demo is down.

Neat system and great interface, even if it resembles wordpress. Thanks for sharing.

Hello Dan,

I'm so happy I found this CMS. Its very easy to use. But I have problem with the index.php in the URI. I use codeigniter htaccess and remove the index.php in config.php but the page won't display.

Can you help me how to remove the index.php URI in admin pages?

Looks neat but the demo is not working anymore. I want to see how the themes are powered in this CMS. Also can you elaborate on how the user management is?

downloaded the latest version and i can't even login.. upon investigation found that auth_model does not get access to $_POST variable for username/pass

[eluser]Higher Ground Studio[/eluser]
Thought I would let you know that your "live demo" doesn't work and just is a ci 404 error.

[eluser]Vicente Russo[/eluser]
I can't run this code... i'm getting an CI 404 error Sad

It a nice cms.. But i would like some dokumentation.

Well i have problem finding out have to use Page, news, event on other place.
Would be great whit some example ^^

I found this really useful, i'm implementing support for languages and sorting order of pages.
I'd like to share my additions if Dan agree.

Great CMS, i'm a newbies codeigniter so i want know howto ceate front side template & controllers

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