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DALT - Database Application Language Translations

So I had the need to add some language support to my websites.

However I wanted to move it to the database to allow easier maintenance of it also allowing it easier to get things translated.

So here it is.
DB_Lang v0.0.1

Its pretty simple
I have included wiredesigns URI language identifier

Usage is simple.


use it the same way as the normal language line lookup
It is also smart so if the record does not exist it will create it and set a default value in the translated table.

It required 2 tables for a single lanauge
The key table wich holds the lookups. and the translated table which has the translated values.

language and lanugage_{lanauge}
I have included english and spanish since those were what I had on hand.

Let me know if you have any questions.
I will be adding some extra stuff later on to grab cookie info to see what the language is, as well as try and pull the browsers lanauge and/or other regional settings to try and detect what to send the user as a default lanauge. Otherwise it will default to what you set in CI
I also plan to have a config value that would allow you to cache the database results to a language file as well.

Does this cache? I want to keep my query count low.

[quote author="freshface" date="1262381325"]Does this cache? I want to keep my query count low.[/quote]

not at this time. If you had read the first post I covered what I want to do with it in the future.

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