unable to surf

I know this forum is not for network stuff but, is there anyone of you experiencing this,
I noticed that after some hours of using codeigniter,
there are times I am not able to surf this site, the manual, or other sites like
google, yahoo, facebook and etc, unless I restart my lappy or use my neighbor's IP.
do you have any idea why is this happening ?
as far as I remember all I did was
use codeigniter,

I added in my host file from (system32/drivers/etc)

and then I added these stuff to my httpd-vhosts.conf in xampp
<VirtualHost *:80>
    ServerAdmin [email protected]
    DocumentRoot "C:/xampp/htdocs/myCIsite/"
    ServerName myCIsite
    ServerAlias myCIsite myCIsite.com mycisite


* even if I restart OR stop my xampp, still am not able to view other websites
unless restarting the machine itself

maybe this?


actualy its not just google chrome, including firefox,safari vista and IE7

Without knowing basically any information it's really really difficult to diagnose your problem. I'm assuming you're using windows as you have a system32 folder, although that's about the only piece of useful information we've got.

Here's the list of things it might be

* Internet connection is dropping and reconnecting within 60 seconds, so restarting it appears to fix the problem
* Corrupt TCP/IP Stack within windows / Corrupt DNS records
* DNS servers stop handling requests and nothing can be resolved
* Windows is just broken

In any case, try a TCP/IP Reset and Winsock Reset (google it). If that's not working, google or pay someone to fix it for you. If it were me and the machine had windows installed for longer than 6 months, time for a format (although you need to get someone else to do this for you unless you know what you're doing).

no need to pay someone, i always stick with the free world.
i found a solution for it.
ipconfig /flushdns
ipconfig /renew
i still experience some fluctuations of not being able to surf sites, but it kinda help.

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