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new to CI

I've only been using CI for 2 days now and I'm really liking it. I browsed through ellislab and noticed they have something called expression engine. I have a few EE/CI questions...

1. What makes EE better then wordpress? I've been looking to switch my sites frontend to a framework and for the past 2 weeks I've been considering wordpress. What makes EE different from wordpress?

2. Since I'm starting to fall in love with CI is there any benifit to using CI for a backend and EE for a frontend?

3. Is EE built on CI? if not, why not? there made by the same company.

4. Can EE use wordpress themes? There are zillions of wordpress themes out there but I only found a few EE themes.



[eluser]Jamie Rumbelow[/eluser]
Hey pocketmax, welcome to the forums!

1. EE is a lot more powerful, polished, feature rich, sexy and has a tighter community than Wordpress. Okay, it costs, but with the price you get fantastic support (and I know a lot of the support people personally - they're all very very clever people), a huge list of features, and overall a well designed CMS. Also you have to remember that Wordpress is a blogging platform first and foremost, and ExpressionEngine is a CMS.

2. Not quite sure what you mean here - you'll have to clarify!

3. Version 2.0, in public BETA (so is a tiiiiny bit buggy and there are less compatible addons, but great all the same) has been rewritten from scratch on CodeIgniter. CodeIgniter was actually pulled from ExpressionEngine 1.4?, and as the codebases started to move apart, EllisLab brought them back together.

4. EE can't use Wordpress themes, no, sorry! But converting them over is easy, and you'll love ExpressionEngine's tag system - it's much nicer than WP's cobbled API.


2. sorry, I should have been more clear. What I meant is making a site with an EE frontend but instead of using EE for backend logic (connecting to dbs, sending emails, connecting to third party apis) I would use CI instead. But 3. kinda answered that question if v2 is going to be built in CI.

4. So just to make sure, I can buy a wordpress theme, run it through a routine that can convert it to EE and apply the theme to my site? Thats brilliant!

Followup question...

Why does it matter that WP is blogger platform and EE is a CMS platform? Don't they both still allow you to whip up a web site using a web interface?


Hi Pocketmax,

Wordpress (WP) is really focused for blogging. Ya you CAN use WP to build just about any type of site, but if your site isn't really a blog then you will start fighting with WP at some point.

In my understanding (as a CI user, not having used EE) EE is not so tightly focused on a specific type of site. It is a general purpose content management system (CMS) which will allow you to create a full-featured site and create many different features within that site. It will provide many more features than you would get in a simple blogging engine such as WP.


ah, that makes sense. Thanks!

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