Embarrasing Session Problems

Hi Guys,

I'm desperate.. I've contacted EllisLab asking to pay for support but they are not interested.

I have built an ordering system integrating with PayPal Express Checkout. I create a session on the order system and the customer is transferred to PayPal and returned back to the shop to confirm payment.

On return the session vanishes and it fails. I know that codeigniter uses cookies and IE is a PITA with this. Firefox and Opera etc are fine...

God I hate IE.

I have tried other user contributions but nothing seems to work.

Has anyone else had these problems and can anyone give me a solution. I'm at my wits end and I'm humilated having to ask customer to email the cash.

I'm an experienced PHP developer and I just can't get this resolved.

Try re-doing all of your sessions, and using database sessions instead. This might be the best way around your problem.

What do you mean by "re-doing all your sessions"? Currently we are using database sessions. Smile

Thanks for your response.

Oh, well I wasn't sure if you were currently using database sessions or not. So when I said redoing all your sessions I meant that you should redo most of the code involved with the sessions so they pull from a database into the session.

Ok thanks. I just upgraded to 1.7.2 and I have the same problems. I'll try some 3rd party plugins...

I used the native / database hybrid library and found it much better. Also I don't check the user agent as this has issues in IE8.

See http://codeigniter.com/wiki/Session_Hybrid/

I am having exactly the same problem. Using the ci_sessions table in the database, as per CI manual. This is only failing for a small number of PayPal callbacks, but it's the same reason - the session is lost on return. The callbacks that are failing within a few minutes (typically 2 or 3 minutes) so it's not a session timeout at fault.

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