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Handy string functions

Hi peeps,

Thought I'd share some functions I find quite handy when I'm developing. There's also a little guide for anyone interested in using them.

is_str() - a more solid version of the is_string() function
str_append() - appends a string to a string if not already present
str_prepend() - prepends a string to a string if not already present
str_convert_special() - converts special characters to an appropriate equivalent (I think this was based on something I saw in wordpress)
str_numonly() - strips everything except numbers from a string (lazy I know)
str_safemail() - formats an email address for safer use in HTML pages
_now() - technically belongs in a date helper... it's just like CI's now() function but supports a few different output formats (date|time|datetime|unix)

Please let me know if there are already functions out there doing the same thing! Smile Hope someone finds them useful.


some of these I'm already using. anyways thanks for sharing

I forgot about this one too:

function strip_dbl_space($input=NULL)
    if (empty($input) OR !is_str($input))
        return $input;

    $input = trim($input);
    $words = explode(' ', $input);

    foreach ($words as $key => $word)
        $word = trim($word);

        if (empty($word))

    return implode(' ', $words);

[eluser]Shay Falador[/eluser]
Thanks for sharing although I can't find this functions useful actually.
By the way, the function str_numonly, is the same as casting to int ($string = (int)$stringWink except it would probably be slower =]

Excellent I didn't realise, I'll bear it in mind thanks man.


I was having a play with the (int) method u mentioned and it didn't quite do what I thought you meant:

$string = 'testing 12 some numb3rs';
echo (int) $string . '<br />' . str_numonly($string);

# Output:
# 0
# 123

I also found a few problems with the is_str() function (arrays and objects were accepted as strings...) so it now looks like this:

function is_str($input)
    $functions = array( 'is_float', 'is_int', 'is_numeric', 'is_string' );
    $not_string = FALSE;

    foreach ($functions as $key => $function)
        $functions[$key] = "!{$function}".'($input)';

    $condition = implode($functions, ' && ');
    $cmd = 'if ( '.$condition.' ) { $not_string = TRUE; }';

    if ($not_string)
        return FALSE;

    return TRUE;

[eluser]Shay Falador[/eluser]
You are right, it doesn't work as I taught it was, it keeps the first digits, until it sees an non-digit charter.

echo (int)'12test3';
Outputs 12.

echo (int)'test123';
Outputs 0.

My bad.

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