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TagMVC 0.9.0

[eluser]Julien Dreux[/eluser]
TagMVC 0.9.0

TagMVC is an extension to the CodeIgniter framework that proposes a novel way for developing web applications. TagMVC applications are front end driven, and require less server-side code. This allows for faster web application development and richer user experiences.

Major Features:

- Empower the client side and deliver rich user experiences - while securing the server side.

- Treat your users to TagMVC's built-in undo. One of the most valuable features for any application, available right off the box.

- Speed up development time by writing very little back-end code - customize your application using configuration.

- Flexible design. Use any front end technology (AJAX, SJAX or good old fashioned forms) and expend the back-end code to suit your needs when required.

- And more: support for request validation, file uploads, ...

To learn more, visit the TagMVC Homepage or read the TagMVC User Guide.

Want to get started now? You can Download TagMVC here and follow the installation instructions.


TagMVC was just released and I am really looking forward for your feedback, good or bad. I want to improve the code towards v1.0.0 and I need your help reporting bugs and suggesting improvements. If you find anything, please message me (I will setup a better system shortly).

Take care,


Hi I'm interested in using library but how can I integrate with security restrictions like disabling pages for users not logged in etc..?

Otherwise I like the idea: do everything with client. This can be very powerful with a javascript framework like jquery.

[eluser]Julien Dreux[/eluser]
Hi Doshia,

For now you can handle security restricting access to nodes and actions from controllers. See this page from the user guide.

This is pretty basic but I am working on a much better system that will be coming with 0.9.1, very soon.

[eluser]Julien Dreux[/eluser]
Hi all,

A couple of people have answered in the survey that they didn't understand what TagMVC was about. I know this isn't the most instinctive way of tackling web application development, but what can I do to clarify things a bit? I tried to include examples in the documentation, but since TagMVC spreads accross models, views and controllers, it's hard to show everything in one go.

Otherwise, any feedback is appreciated, I am looking forward to improve this library towards a more mature state. A few people have also said that TagMVC is missing something, please tell me what!



jdreux, there is demo, but I don't understand it, there is "getting started" but I can't get the picture after reading it.
TagMVC needs simple tutorial, not just the template code but full step by step guide from the very beginning.

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