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Load plugins into Libraries

Hello everyone!

I've developed a simple view library that does all the repetative things of putting my header, footer, sidebar and 'view' files together.

I've also coded a plugin which creates my sidebar for me.

I'm trying to load this plugin into my 'view' library but its not having any of it.

Layout.php (view library)
if(!defined('BASEPATH')) exit('No direct script access allowed!');

class Layout
    function Layout()
        $this->layout =& get_instance();
    function load_page($headerdata, $page, $data)
        $sidebar = make_sidebar();
        $to_load = $this->layout->load->view('divided/header', $headerdata, true);
        $to_load .= $this->layout->load->view('divided/sidebar', $sidebar, true);
        $to_load .= $this->layout->load->view($page, $data, true);
        $to_load .= $this->layout->load->view('divided/footer', '', true);
        echo $to_load;

The error message I'm getting is
Fatal error: Call to a member function plugin() on a non-object in D:\Webserver\htdocs\zomg\system\libraries\Layout.php on line 13
In short, its not liking the line $this->load->plugin('sidebar').

Is there a way to include this plugin into the library? If so, how do I do it? If not I'm assuming that I'll have to use the plugin in the controller and then pass the results back to the 'view' library.

Thanks in advance,

You uUse
$this->layout =& get_instance();

in your constructor so call your plugin with:


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