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error: Do not recognize Prototype.js library, or any othr .js file

Im doing an Ajax app, and Im using the Prototype library (in JavaScript) to comunicate with the server. When I include this library in my PHP pages, which are in the View folder of the framework(Codeigniter), I get a message saying that the functions in that library are not recognized, and the same happens with my custom .js libraries.
My question is, What changes do I have to do to the framework to fix this error?
Im adding my libraries in the same folder my pages are (the View folder, inside Application folder).

Plz someone cast some light on this subject. Thx.

[eluser]Michael Wales[/eluser]
I place all of my javascript files in a folder named 'js' at the root, and then call them like so:

I believe your issue is simply that you are not using the correct relative URL.

Some code examples are needed to understand your problem. Please show us how you are including your javascript files.

i would use an absolute URL from the root, like walesmd suggested, and also, if you are rewriting URLs make sure that you exclude the folder you in which you have the js files

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