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Use of periodically_call_remote

I'm using the Ajax library with Code Igniter and I'm doing almost all the Ajax calls using the Ajax.Updater method. I want to make a periodic Ajax call and I think that prototype's periodically_call_remote method should be the solution, but I can't get it working...
Anybody could tell me what should I do to get it working?
I'm doing the Ajax calls from javascript and all the posts I've been reading about periodically_call_remote talk about a type of calls (ruby on rails, I think) that I' ve never used.
I'm a little lost right now... anybody have used it? Could you explain me a little about periodically_call_remote?


Did you ever get this working?

yes, you have to include this routine call in your view between

javascript tag.


<   script>
        <?php echo $this->ajax->periodically_call_remote(array('url'=> base_url().'function_name',  'update' => 'divblock', 'frequency' => 5)); ?>
</  script>

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