Routing vs use of htaccess???


i am having some difficulties with Wordpress and CI and i came across this
Quote:Because both wordpress and codeigniter handle their redirects through
php and not apache, apache has no way of knowing if a particular URL
was handled correctly by either, so apache rules don’t really count

And i was wondering what the relationship is between CI routing and the use of htaccess??

1/Does the router library overrides htaccess settings.
2/ Or does the router library "sees" what the mod rewrite rule was??

Any info, tips??

They are different technologies. htaccess (If you're using the suggested htaccess configuration) routes a request for any file that doesn't exist through CI's index.php, where CI's routing happens. The two processes don't interact in any other way.


i see what you mean in a standard setup.

But in my case i have CI in a subfolder and WP in root. Now my thinking path

before the WP does her htaccess if uri is

mod rewrite to

if job/asdf/adsfas/asdfasd doesn't exist let ci/index.php do the routing else goes through WP.

Sorry for my confusing thread but i hope you understand what i am after.


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