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Delving into Routes... Help!

I have just delved into using routes for the 1st time, i've got things working as i expect they should but i don't think i've done it very effeciently!

In my contoller named Menus i have an index function which is displaying a front end form for the user and determining what info should be shown, what function the form should perform - insert new record or edit existing (it is part of an admin section).

If the form is inserting it submits to the insert function within this controller, when its editing / updating it submits to the update function.

In the controller i then have additional functions to actually perform the insertion, updating and deleting of records.

here's the controller (in summery to save on the character limit!):


class Menus extends Controller {

    function Menus()

function index($Tavern = 'null', $MenuType = 'null', $MenuCat = 'null')
        $data['Tavern'] = $Tavern;
        $data['MenuType'] = $MenuType;
        $data['MenuCat'] = $MenuCat;
        $data = array(
            'Tavern' => $Tavern,
            'MenuType' => $MenuType,
            'MenuCat' => $MenuCat
        //generates menu links url's        
        $data['MenuTypeURL'] = 'Admin/Menus/'.$Tavern;
        $data['MenuCatURL'] = 'Admin/Menus/'.$Tavern.'/'.$MenuType;
        //If Tavern / Menu Type / Menu Cat have been set - select from DB to display for edit / delete
        if ( $Tavern != 'null' && $MenuType != 'null' && $MenuCat != 'null' ) {
                $DB = 'menus';
                $data['Results'] = $this->menus_model->get($DB, $Tavern, $MenuType, $MenuCat);
        $data['FormFunction'] = 'Insert';
        $data['MainMenu'] = 'Admin/MainMenu';
        $data['MainContent'] = 'Admin/menus';
        $data['h2'] = 'Menus';
        $this->load->view('Admin/template-admin', $data);

function form_validation()
        Validation code

function insert()
        run validation - if successfuly insert to DB - then run InsertSuccess to show user taask completed

function InsertSuccess()
        Display a success page

function edit()
        Display Form to edit existing record - on submit run Update function

function update()
        run validation - if success perform update of DB record

function UpdateSuccess()
        Display success page

function delete()
        display page to confirm delete is required - on confirm run DeleteConfirmed function

function deleteconfirmed()
        perform delete of record from DB

function DeleteSuccess()
        show success page to user

On the index function because it is catching variables from the url segments it wasn't running the 'index' function and was instead looking for a corresponding function.

for example if the URL came in as .../Menus/PubName/MenuType/MenuCat the idea is that the PubName / MenuType / MenuCat were caught as variables - but it was trying to run the function 'PubName'

As i wanted to keep my URL cleaner and without the .../Menus/index/... i set up my 1st route!
$route['Admin/Menus/(:any)'] = "Admin/Menus/index/$1";

but i soon realised that meant every URL was getting routed to the index function so i started adding more routes and have ended up with the following:

$route['Admin/Menus/Insert'] = "Admin/Menus/insert";
$route['Admin/Menus/Edit/(:any)'] = "Admin/Menus/edit/$1";
$route['Admin/Menus/Update'] = "Admin/Menus/update";
$route['Admin/Menus/Delete/(:any)'] = "Admin/Menus/delete/$1";
$route['Admin/Menus/DeleteConfirmed/(:any)'] = "Admin/Menus/deleteconfirmed/$1";
$route['Admin/Menus/DeleteSuccess'] = "Admin/Menus/deletesuccess";
$route['Admin/Menus/(:any)'] = "Admin/Menus/index/$1";

The routes work and everything behaves as i expect but i figure i haven't really implemented this effectively so was hoping people would offer me some advice and show me where i've gone wrong!

I am i right in thinking that the main problem lies in the fact i'm using the index function? if i changed that name to 'view' then i wouldn't need any routes at all, but i would end up with view in my URL's which isn't actually needed?


[eluser]Valdis Ozols[/eluser]
If that works as supposed then it seems ok taking into account that there are only few routes defined.

yes it's good that it works, but i think that by creating my 1st route it has actually generated the need for the other 6 routes... which makes me think i haven't implemented it very effectively - i.e adding 1 route has caused me problems on 6 other routes?

My current setup has also meant i have to set routes which are identical to the the original URL:
$route['Admin/Menus/Update'] = "Admin/Menus/Update";

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